Product Range Overview


The Impact Socket line is expressly made to be used with impact wrenches or power tools with a high torque output and are identified by their Manganese phosphate finish.

Broad selection of socket sizes as well as drives: From ¼” through 3 ½”.

Extensions, joints and adaptors for impact or high torque applications are also available.

The drive end is designed to meet DIN standard.

Pin, O-Ring or Ball retainer options are available.



Ko-ken has been involved since it’s inception in the Automotive industry; from the assembly of new motor vehicles to the maintenance and repair of such vehicles.

The Automotive line includes: Spark Plug Sockets, Special Service Sockets, Drain Plug sockets, Wheel Nut Sockets.

Specialty designed tools for the removal of damaged or broken bolts and  nuts are also made by Ko-ken: Locknut Buster® , NUTTWISTER®  & BOLTTWISTER® .



Hand Sockets are chrome plated. The square drive parts have a ball retainer.

Hand sockets, wrenches and extensions available with square drive sizes: ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ¾”, & 1”.

Hexagon opening, Metric, Imperial, BSW(Whitworth) and BA sizes are available.



Ko-ken Scredriver range includes:
Socket Drivers from 3 to 14mm, Newly introduced interchangeable socket driver with nut grip in 7,8,10 & 12mm sizes. Ball point hex screwdrivers. (TH) Tamper resistant torx screwdrivers. Special Square drivers, Pozi drive and Phillips screwdrivers and sets. Blade through type screwdrivers & sets.Interchangeable screwdrivers in both stubby and standard sizes.Spin type handles in 1/4"Square drive and 3/8"square drive.


Special applications are found on every industry and the Construction industry is no exception, whether is drilling, anchoring or installing the right tool makes this tough job easier.

Ko-ken launched the Construction line of specialty sockets, nut, bolt & anchor screw setters, and stud pullers.

Construction tools are available in either ¼” hex for use with electric drills or ½” square drive for use with impact wrenches depending on the type of tool.



The Sleeve-Drive sockets are designed to be used with Pulse Drivers. The extended drive end reduces the wobble between the wrench and sockets which is typical for this type of tools. Centrality (straightness) is severely checked through production inspection.

Sleeve-Drive sockets are available for 3/8” ½” & ¾” square drives.



Ko-ken offers an extensive line of accessories for special applications.

Stud pullers & setters, T-wrenches & T-handles, socket-drivers, screwdrivers,  mechanic’s wrenches, ratcheting wrenches, power bits & nut-setters.

Specialty tools such as the Attack Driver® are also available.



Ko-ken offer an extensive range of Screw and stud pullers. Concentric stud pullers range from 5mm to 30mm with imperial sizes available.These are available in chrome and impact types.Stud puller ratchets, stud bolt setters are also available.